Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Plumbing Maintenance Tips You Should Know About


One of the most important systems running in our homes and offices is the piping system. Whether it is water drainage or gas, they play a very key role in our lives. That of ensuring a steady and efficient flow of two important commodities. Unfortunately, the system also poses a huge threat to inhabitants of the building whenever it malfunctions. That is why it is always advisable to have them checked occasionally by a professional. However, to avoid being caught off-guard, you can have a look at the following tips as shown in the infographic.

Check for leaky faucets

A good percentage of water usually goes to waste due to leaking faucets. It is the reason why your water bill is always high even when your consumption is low. Failure to stop the leak would end up draining your finances too. Just to confirm how the amount of clean water going to waste, place a bucket under the faucet and leave it overnight or during the day when going to work.

Check the water pressure

If your water pressure has suddenly become low, you need to check your pipes promptly. Most of the times you will end up discovering a build-up of foreign objects in the shower head or somewhere along the system. This can be very dangerous as it could lead to contamination of the water.

Pipe leaks

Unlike leaky faucets, these are extremely dangerous and are bound to cause disastrous damages if not checked on time. Never ignore any wet spots on the floors, walls, or ceiling. Chances are that it is a leaking pipe somewhere which ought to be repaired or replaced immediately. The cost of hiring an expert would be nothing compared to the loss incurred if the problem escalates.

Look for signs of corrosion

Corrosion is one of the main reasons behind faulty pipes. It only interferes with water passage but also contaminates it. This is very dangerous to your personal health. To identify signs of corrosion, you need to look for green, yellow, and even orange stains around closed valves and pipe fittings. Once you do that, get an experienced hand from the leading service providers in town to fix it.

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